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Swing A King For Free: September 2016 Results

Posted by Kettlebell Kings on Oct 18, 2016 3:30:04 PM

In September we ran a promotion through in which all purchases were automatically entered to win a kettlebell of their choice from our site.  Below is the video in which you can see the selection process. We used a random generator from, which we have used in previous contests to put all the entries in and then generate a random winner. 

The Good News

We are going to do it again! This was a great experience the first time we did it so for the next few months we are going to run the same contest every month. Meaning, all purchases in October will be automatically entered to win a kettlebell of your choice from! 

Tell your friends, tell your family! You can split the cost of kettlebells and hope you win won for each of you!

Shop Now!

Without further adieu, the winner of the September 2016 contest is.....

  • entry 'Tiffany-58'

If you think this is you, be on the lookout, we will be emailing the email address which you used when you purchased from


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Kettlebell Training For Bikini Competitions

Posted by Kettlebell Kings on Oct 17, 2016 4:11:41 PM

Training for bikini competitions requires a ton of hard work and dedication. You need to stick to a strict workout plan, diet and practice your posing to meet your competitive goals. One of the problems you might run into is the same thing that most of us run into eventually with working out. You start to feel bored, overworked and unmotivated to do the same thing over and over.  Whether you are training for a bikini competition or just want to have a better figure, we believe kettlebells can help.  The best things about kettlebells is how diverse they are, you can target any muscle group and you can do so in such a way that the possibilities and combinations are endless which will always keep you challenged. Staying challenged and motivated is the key to working out long term.  With kettlebells, you can train for time, reps or both. Additionally, you can train for strength, cardio or even train in competitive lifting in which competitors compete in weight classes for rep counts.  These competitions will challenge your strength, cardio and mental focus as well as build muscles which are important for bikini competitions. 

We met Nikky Burns, of Transform Fitness, in Austin when she came to our facility to pick up a few kettlebells so she could train for The Texas Open Kettlebell Championship and pick up a few bells for her training clients.  After watching her compete and getting a chance to talk to her more about her background we thought it was really interesting to find out she is a bikini competitor as well as a Kettlebell Sport competitor.  We have written extensively about Kettlebell Sport, but had not previously spoken with someone who competed in bikini competitions and used competitive kettlebell training as a method for bikini competitions. So, as we talked more we were curious about how kettlebell training can overlap with bikini competitions and figure training in general to meet your fitness goals. We asked Nikky if she would be interested in helping us write a piece designed for those interested in competing in bikini competitions or working on their figure and she was glad to. Here we go!

By Nikky Burns:

I have always been into fitness.  It has been a part of my life ever since I started training with my older brothers while we were growing up.  In 2010 I had a mild stroke that changed my life. If it were not for my love of lifting I would not have recovered as fast, because it gave me something to work towards. I believe that having training goals can help anyone overcome physical obstacles that happen in their lives.  At the time, I was in my late 30’s and spending 2 to 4-hour days at the gym.  I had been doing Bikini competition for a year and I was hitting back-to-back-to back workouts, and stomping up the Stair Master in between in order to reach my competitive goals.  However, I felt that I needed a new way to train while I recovered. Anyone who has trained for bikini competitions can speak to the monotony of all the workouts mixed in with hours on the Stair Master. One day, my husband came home with a pink plastic Kettlebell which I still have and something finally clicked for me, fitness could be exciting, fun, and fulfilling. All I needed was a Kettlebell and some time.

 Benefits of Kettlebell training for bikini competitions:

  • target specific muscle groups like Quads, Glutes and Shoulders
  • challenge yourself with new and diverse workouts
  • build strength and cardio into one workout

Read more about kettlebell movements and specific workouts designed for bikini competitors below!

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Heavy Kettlebell Lifts Part 2: Atlas Stone Deadlifts With A Heavy Kettlebell

Posted by Kettlebell Kings on Oct 2, 2016 2:43:58 PM

Kettlebells are perhaps the most diverse piece of fitness equipment you can use. Most people probably still think of kettlebells mainly as equipment for high repetition and/or high intensity workouts. However, kettlebells can be used for high weight/low repetition movements for those of you who really want to build muscle and power. Part 2 in our series of heavy kettlebell lifts involves utilizing the kettlebell like a lot of strength competitors use an atlas stone in order to build power and strength.

We have a guest demonstrator and author working with us on this post, he is Oliver Quinn and he is very strong. You can find him on Instagram as @olliequinntraining, where he posts a lot of really informative and impressive posts for building strength and power.  We highly recommend you follow him for more learning on similar subjects as this. In his demonstration he will be utilizing his Kettlebell Kings 92 Kg Powder Coat Kettlebell.

By Oliver Quinn:

Did you know you can use your larger kettlebells like an atlas stone ? 
Atlas stone deadlifts or, the "pick", lapping,  loading onto a platform and even shouldering can all be done with your big kettlebells. (see video below). Here is a demonstration of working with an actual atlas stone, which as you can see involves a deadlift life movement to initially get the weight in motion. You can do this with a kettlebell as well, additionally you can do a lot more with a kettlebell compared to an atlast stone which makes them a great workout tool.
This is a lot more difficult and challenging than a regular kettlebell deadlift due to the extra range of motion, and the lack of  any handle to hold on to. It is actually even a little more difficult than a regular atlas stone "pick" or deadlift because your hands are gripping iron rather than stone, and stone grips skin much better than iron does. Be careful, it is almost impossible to complete this lift with a flat back. Of course , you could just stick your fingers under the bell and sort of goblet squat it, but that is not what we are after here.

How to do it: 

  1. Feet either side of kettlebell, center of kettlebell at center of foot. 
  2. Hinge over, hips high, load hamstrings.
  3. Arms straight down, don't try to bicep curl it. Squeeze the globe with your wrists and hands getting as much skin into contact with the bell ass possible. Fingernails of middle finger should be touching the floor.
  4. Take a deep breath, pressurize your abs and core and stand straight up.
  5. When the weight is past your knees bring your feet together so you can put the weight on your lap. Sit down and relax. 

See video below: 

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What Kind Of Kettlebell Should You Use?

Posted by Kettlebell Kings on Sep 22, 2016 7:09:46 PM

Kettlebell Kings partners with kettlebell and fitness experts to create helpful and informative posts designed to maximize your kettlebell experience.  Tim Peterson, Chief Instructor for FitRanX, has created a great post for us about selecting your kettlebell.  Specifically, the difference between traditional cast iron kettlebells and competition style kettlebells and what lifts work best with different types.  Although kettlebells are fairly mainstream workout equipment now, most lifters are stilll unfamiliar with competition style kettlebells. So, should you consider one? Read below!

By Tim Peterson:

There is an oft used phrase, that you always want to use the “right tool for the job.”  This phrase could not be more true in the world of strength and conditioning.  Kettlebells are a great tool, that can be used for strength work, hypertrophy, conditioning, power, and endurance.  But there are many different kinds of kettlebells, so how do you choose?

Types of Kettlebells

Cast iron, competition/sport, steel, rubber coated, soft-sand filled, adjustable, medicine ball-like, and more.  In addition, you can find them in pounds or kilograms, further adding to the choices.  All kettlebells are cast in a mold, what happens after can be different depending on the company.  Do your due diligence, as all kettlebells are not made equal.

I will be focusing on the two most common, the cast-iron, and competition/sport style kettlebell.  These can both be found in both pound and kilogram weights.  Personally, I use both, for different uses.  Each style has its own strengths and weaknesses, and I will address each. 

Cast iron kettlebells are widely regarded as the “original” kettlebells, with histories going back centuries.  Depending on who you ask, you will get different folk stories of what they originally were made from, and what they were used for, as well as which countries claim ownership. 

Cast iron kettlebells are made out of molten iron, and range widely in size, depending on weight.  They have a curved handle, that can also vary widely in width as well as diameter.  The cast-iron kettlebell is solid, with no hollow space.

Competition kettlebells get their name from the fact that they are used in Girevoy Sport, also known as GS or Kettlebell Sport.  GS focuses on two lifts, the Clean & Jerk and Snatch. 

The competition kettlebell is the same size and dimension across the weight range, and is made out of steel.  The handle is flat across on top, and joins the body of the kettlebell vertically.  These are made a couple of different ways. Some brands are an 8 kilogram shell filled with fillers like sawdust and ball bearings to achieve the desired weights, this potentially can become loose and rattle over time or lose balance. More durable competition bells are made from a single piece of steel, cast precisely to the specific weight.  You can identify these because they will have an opening in the bottom which you can look into and actually see the thickness of the steel mold.

There are 6 most common kettlebell lifts.  There are ballistics such as Swings, Cleans and Snatches, and grinds, such as Goblet and Double Front Squats, Presses, and Get-Ups.  There are many other kettlebell lifts and variations, however I will focus on these six. 

Different Kettlebells For Different Lifts

When teaching a beginner, the kettlebell and its lifts can be scary and intimidating.  For this reason, it may be better to start with a cast-iron 8kg kettlebell rather than a competition 8kg kettlebell, as the cast-iron 8kg is tiny by comparison.  There is a benefit to using kilograms rather than pounds as well.  Mentally, since “8” is less than “18,” the 8kg kettlebell will feel easier to lift than an 18lb kettlebell. 

  • Swings, When teaching two hand swings, it can be a toss-up as to which style kettlebell to use.  On one hand, the curved handle of a cast-iron kettlebell is easier to hold than the flat-handled competition kettlebell, however, since the handle’s vary in size depending on the weight of the cast-iron kettlebell, the lighter weight kettlebell’s have very narrow handles which are difficult to hold with two hands.  Once beyond the learning phase, the curved handle of the cast-iron kettlebell is the clear winner for swings.
  • Goblet Squats, The curved handle of a cast-iron kettlebell is also preferred when performing Goblet Squats.  Since the handle remains the same diameter all the way to the body of the kettlebell, the hand can get a firm grip on the handle, while the curve of the handle allows the wrist to stay more in line with the forearm. 
  • Cleans, When performing double cleans, (or double swings or double snatches) an interesting thing can happen when using very light competition style weights.  Since the kettlebell is hollow, the walls of the kettlebell must be thin.  As a result, if the kettlebell’s contact each other on the way up or down they will have a tendency to bounce off of each other like basketballs.  As they get heavier this happens less and less, but it must be addressed with beginners or anyone using lighter weights.  The last thing you want is for the kettlebells to bounce away from each other on the way down and hit the user on the legs.  Another item to consider is that when hiking two large kettlebell’s through the legs, regardless of weight, the stance used needs to be wide enough to allow room for them to pass. 

Having said all of that, competition style kettlebells are the kettlebell to choose when doing anything that puts the body of the kettlebell against the forearm.  Whether it be a lift that puts the kettlebell in the rack position (cleans, presses, front squats) or simply contacts the forearm (get-ups, snatches), the consistent size of a competition kettlebell puts the kettlebell in the same position every time.  More importantly, and again something that affects beginners more than experienced lifters, is that the larger size body rests on the meat of the forearm rather than the bone protrusion of the wrist, which is right where the smaller body of a lighter kettlebell will sit.  The tiny body of a 4kg kettlebell will hit the back of the hand, while an 8kg kettlebell will hit right on the back of the wrist.  Even a 12kg or 16kg kettlebell will hit a male on the wrist bones. 

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TX KB Breakdown Of A World Champion's Snatch Technique

Posted by Kettlebell Kings on Sep 20, 2016 1:11:43 PM

In this post, Aaron Vyvial from Texas Kettlebell Academy breaks down the kettlebell snatch technique they teach at Texas Kettlebell Academy. 

The Texas Kettlebell Academy is where some of the top Kettlebell Sport athletes in the United States train. Additionally, they put on one of the great kettlebell sport events in the country each year in Austin, Texas. Kettlebell athletes from around the country and the world attend, compete and stay for additional training from world champions.  If you are looking for a kettlebell sport event to train for, we highly recommend you consider the Texas Open as one of your first events. It is hard to beat traveling to a city like Austin and you will get the opportunity to meet some of the top athletes and minds in Kettlebell Sport.

What is Kettlebell Sport?

Kettlebell sport, also known as girevoy sport (GS), is competitive kettlebell lifting. Lifters compete in mostly 10 minute sets, going for as many repetition as possible in three different lifts: Snatch, Jerk and Clean & Jerk. Athletes really need everything to compete succesfully; technique, mobility, strength, endurance and mental focus.

The Kettlebell Snatch is a great movement which involves a full body strength and cardio workout. You only need one kettlebell for this movement. 

We recommend most men start with 16,18 and 20 kilogram Kettlebell Sport style kettlebells and most women start with 8,12, and 16 kilogram Kettlebell Sport style kettlebells. Why this style of bells? These bells are designed for maximum comfort during high repetition exercises so that your hands, wrist and forearm lock into position comfortably and easily. They are all the same size and dimension regardless of weight so the training is uniform at all times.

By Aaron Vyvial, Texas Kettlebell Academy:

Denis Vasilev, 6x world champion and MSIC athlete has a unique but proven snatch technique that we really respect and teach to most of our athletes. It almost can be compared to long cycle, which is clean and a jerk, but with one bell and without the 'clean' movement to chest. This technique works well for athletes that compete both in biathlon (two arm events) and long cycle.

In the video below, Denis shows his slower paced snatch and then switches to his sprint or higher paced technique:

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The Most Comprehensive Kettlebell Review Ever

Posted by Kettlebell Kings on Sep 14, 2016 8:51:59 PM

There are quite a number of kettlebell comparisons on the internet, but the one by Fitness Test Lab, might be the most thorough one we have ever come across. Eight different brands were evaluated on a number of different factors and we are really happy with where we came out compared to other brands. There are a few other high quality brands out there, so we have worked really hard to create a great customer experience with Free and Fast Shipping to go with our kettlebells and help differentiate our offering. It it nice to be recognized for the hard work we put in to create our kettlebells.  If you take a look at this comparison you will find that we compare well with any brand out there.

Read the Most Comprehensive Kettlebell Comparison EVER!

Fitness Test Lab evaluated the different brands based on:

  • Usability, this includes finish, coating and handle size
  • Durability
  • Price

Fitness Test Lab evaluated the different kettlebells by testing them through workouts, the workouts included:

  • 100 two hand swings in under 5 minutes
  • 100 snatches in under 5 minutes, switch arms every 10 reps
  • 5x5x5 one hand complex – 5 rounds of 5 reps of each of the following 5 exercises, performed once on each side for a total of ten sets, in under 10 minutes:
    • One hand swing
    • Snatch
    • Clean + overhead press
    • Squat
  • Turkish get up, 10 reps each side – not timed
  • Windmills, 2 sets of 5 reps each side – not timed
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KETTLEBELL PROMO: Swing A King For Free August

Posted by Kettlebell Kings on Sep 7, 2016 12:09:26 PM

In August we ran a promotion through in which all purchases were automatically entered to win a kettlebell of their choice from our site*.  Below is the video in which you can see the selection process. We used a random generator from, which we have used in previous contests to put all the entries in and then generate a random winner.

The Good News

We are going to do it again! This was a great experience the first time we did it so for the next few months we are going to run the same contest every month. Meaning, all purchases in each calendar month will be automatically entered to win a kettlebell of your choice* from!

Tell your friends, tell your family! You can split the cost of kettlebells and hope you win won for each of you!

Without further adieu, the winner of the August 2016 contest is.....

  • entry '67John A'

If you think this is you, be on the lookout, we will be emailing the email address which you used when you purchased from

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Beginner Kettlebell Movement: Part 4 - Putting It All Together

Posted by Kettlebell Kings on Aug 20, 2016 6:03:22 PM

Kettlebell Workout

After you have mastered all of the movements in Parts 1, 2 and 3 you can put them together into a full body workout designed to strengthen your entire body and burn calories. 

This workout was put together by Brittany van Schravendijk, who walked us through the beginner movements we have covered thus far.  She put together a two part workout which involves the Kettlebell Deadlift, Kettlebell Swing and Kettlebell Squat Press.

Part 1

  • 5 Sets of 10 Deadlifts, increase weight of the kettlebell each round. Ideally by the 5th set, the last couple should be pretty challenging
  • AFTER each set, do 20 Kettlebell Swings with a moderate weight you could normally swing 25-30 times.  Rest as needed after kettlebell swings before conquering next deadlift set.

rest for four to five minutes and then do Part 2

Part 2

  • Do 6 minutes of total work
  • 30 seconds of work followed by 30 seconds of rest with a running clock do Kettlebell Squat Press. For the first two minutes do kettlebell squat presses with right arm, then two minutes of kettlebell squat presses with the left arm. End with two minutes total (30 seconds on and 30 seconds of rest) with two kettlebells doing squat presses.

We do create new kettlebell workouts you can subscribe to each week:

Sign Up For Weekly Kettlebell Workouts

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Beginner Kettlebell Exercise For Women: Part 3 - Kettlebell Squat Press

Posted by Kettlebell Kings on Aug 15, 2016 4:32:11 PM

The Kettlebell Squat Press

Part 3 in our series based on beginning kettlebell movements for women is about the Kettlebell Squat Press. After this post, we will put all the movements we have gone over into a workout you can do involving all three. After mastering the Kettlebell Deadlift and the Kettlebell Swing you can move on to this latest movement. The reason it is important to first master the Kettlebell Deadlift is because some of the movements and muscles engaged are essential for performing a proper kettlebell swing and the kettlebell squat. So make sure you have that down first.

Brittany van Schravendijk, will be walking us through video tutorials of the three movements we are highlighting in this series, including this one and then helping us put them all together for a workout at the end. Brittany is a Master of Sport, World Record Holder, and National Record Holder in Kettlebell Sport. Brittany is the Head Coach of Kettlebell Sport at KOR Strength and Conditioning in San Diego, California. She has traveled all over the world to teach Kettlebell Sport workshops. Brittany is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the NSCA.

The video below will walk you through the correct way to execute The Kettlebell Squat Press, but here are some key points.

Why The Kettlebell Squat Press?

The Kettlebell Squat Press is a fantastic total body exercise because of all the different elements of your body you engage to perform correctly. It will involve your lower body, engaging your core and pressing at the top of the movement. Because of how the kettlebells fit on your body your momentum will be forward and this is where having great body control and core strength will have to stabilize your body. If you don't have this already, this movement will help you develop it.  Additionally, you should be able to squat deeper than with a barbell because of the positioning of the bells. The results of this exercise will be a stronger midsection, a stronger and defined figure as well as more overall strength. 

If you like what you see, we do have  a weekly workout list you can sign up for which incorporates the movements we will be going over into cardio and strength training sessions.

Sign Up For Weekly Kettlebell Workouts

The Kettlebell Squat Press:

  • Combines lower body work, upper body press with core activation
    • use core to stabilize bell overhead
  • Start by bringing the bell into the rack position (shown in video below)
  • Feet are hip width apart, weight is on heels, sink with hips level with knees or slightly lower
  • MAKE SURE to keep your elbow up and chest high to keep the core engage -- drive your body up with the heels back to standing position then press the bell overhead
  • Return to rack position and then begin your squat again
  • inhale as you come down and exhale as you go up
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Kettlebell Comparison: Kettlebell Kings & Rogue Kettlebells

Posted by Kettlebell Kings on Aug 10, 2016 3:17:22 PM

Powder Coat Kettlebell Comparison

We work extremely hard to create some of the best kettlebells available in the United States. This is done through a rigorous process of research and development, customer feedback and quality control with our manufacturer. As we enter our third year in business we are really happy that our work has resulted in the over 1,000 Five Star Reviews

Part of our feedback process is monitoring different platforms for comments and reviews of our products. Recently, we came across a comparison on Reddit in which a user who has purchased from Kettlebell Kings as well as Rogue Fitness, did a review of both Powder Coat Kettlebells side by side. We wanted to share that review here.  We are honored that someone would compare our kettlebells to Rogue, an industry leader known for providing quality products and service, as we have worked to perfect those same things in our company.

The reviewer evaluated the kettlebells on:

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