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Kettlebell Complex Challenge: Win A Kings Bell!

Posted by Kettlebell Kings on Mar 23, 2017 10:25:49 PM

Kettlebell Kings is excited to work with one of our favorite Instagram kettlebell users @kellsbells88 on a new kettlebell challange! Kelly Manzone is a trainer and has been responsible for some of our most liked and commented reposts on our Kettlebell Kings Instagram account, so when she contacted us about working with her we were really excited to help. Kelly is collaborating on an internet wide kettlebell challenge which you can be a part of and have a chance to win a Kettlebell Kings competition kettlebell!  Kelly describes herself as a 'kettlebell hybrid' because like a lot of folks she learned a certain type of kettlebell training and that over the years as her kettlebell use has grown, she continues exploring new ways to train like kettlebell complexes and kettlebell sport. 

By Kelly Manzone:

Kettlebells have long been my favorite fitness tool for their versatility. I openly admit that I am a Kettlebell Hybrid.  A fusion of hardstyle meets kettlebell flows/complexes meets the grind of training for a 10 minute Kettlebell Sport set  in double long-cycle. When a kettlebell is in my hand; I completely tune out all background noise and tune in to training.

My extensive collection of kettlebells that I have acquired throughout the years has completely taken over my home and car, I often get asked which style and brand of bells I prefer to use. My preference has typically been competition kettlbells for their composition and handle.  My super supportive husband, Giancarlo, surprised me with 2 full sets of Kettlebell Kings (which I had my eyes on for some time) ranging from 12-20 kg as I began my journey into kettlebell sport this past year.  This girl is loving her Kings! One of the best parts of the journey has been the Kettlebell Sport community, it is just downright awesome.


The Concept

The idea of hosting a kettlebell fitness challenge on social media had been brewing in the back of my mind for a while and I finally decided this past month, that it was “go time”. I like the concept of collaboration; so I reached out to my friend John Parker out in California. We have similarities and differences in our lifting styles that I thought would make for a creative collaboration and between our followers, we could get a lot of people involved!

As a trainer, I have always been drawn to unconventional training methods. The kettlebell is a perfectly diverse tool for encouraging movement in all ranges of motion while building strength, mobility, stability and flexibility. The purpose of this challenge is to encourage movement and collaboration; and learn new skills from one another in the form of the Kettlebell Complex (see example below).  Training does not always have to be about a strict structure of exercises, reps and sets, though sometimes it is necessary. In the case of a Kettlebell Complex you can be creative and string together different kettlebell movements one after another to create a workout that is both challenging and new.


Read About The Challenge, Prizes and How To Participate Below! 

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New Kettlebell Workout 3-22-17

Posted by Kettlebell Kings on Mar 21, 2017 1:11:40 PM

Kettlebell Kings creates high intensity kettlebell workouts designed to build strength and endurance. We believe having a new challenge each week helps break up the monotony of working out and gives you something to work towards.  We have a free workout list with over ten thousands subscribers you can subscribe to which automatically sends you a new, challenging workout each week. Below is one of our latest workouts as well as video demonstrations breaking down the movements in the workout:



We create weekly kettlebell workouts you can subscribe to in your email inbox each week! These workouts are designed to keep your workouts new, challenging and exciting each week.






kettlebell workouts


Kettlebell Jump Squat




One Arm Kettlebell Swings




We create weekly kettlebell workouts you can subscribe to in your email inbox each week! These workouts are designed to keep your workouts new, challenging and exciting each week.



kettlebell workouts

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Kettlebell Training for Mixed Martial Arts & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu - Workouts For Everyone Part 3

Posted by Kettlebell Kings on Mar 14, 2017 11:13:57 PM

Kettlebell Kings is teaming with thirty year martial arts veteran, Joey Alvarado, to provide you with some great kettlebell movements and workouts which are designed to build muscles and endurance for jiu jitsu and mixed martial arts.  Though Joey's experience lends itself toward building workouts which will improve aspects of BJJ/MMA, they are also great workouts and flows of movement to burn calories and build muscle for anyone. One of the keys to working our consistently is breaking up the monotony of doing the same things over and over. Joey's kettlebell movements definitely give you something new to master and challenge you with each workout.  If this is your first time reading a post by Joey, we recommend you start with Part 1, which covers his most basic movement. 

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Your First Kettlebell Sport Competition!

Posted by Kettlebell Kings on Mar 1, 2017 10:30:53 AM

We are really excited to be a part of the Silicon Valley Kettlebell Open. This is one of a kind contest in the world this year in that it is made specifically for competitors who are new to Kettlebell Sport and want to try! This is a great way to be a part of your first kettlebell competition. Watch below to learn more!

What Makes This Contest Great?

It is geared towards you, the beginner, and will have training along the way by some of the world foremost Kettlebell Sport athletes and coaches. The event is being put on by our friends Mike Salemi, Brittany Van Schravendijk and Mind Pump Media. The event will be held at the Mind Pump headquarters in San Jose! You might have read some of our previous posts by Mind Pump, they have a really popular podcast with over one million downloads per month, were recently placed in the Top 8 Fitness Podcasts by Men's Health and developed our Kettlebells 4 Aesthetics training program.

Mike and Brittany are some of the top Kettlebell Sport competitors in the country and amazingly positive and knowledgeable coaches as well. Both of them recently won at the WAKSC World Championship! Watch the video below and read about the free training program leading up to the event!

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World Association of Kettlebell Sport Clubs World Championship: Recap

Posted by Kettlebell Kings on Feb 27, 2017 7:00:55 PM

What a great weekend and great event! This past weekend we attended the World Assocation of Kettlebell Sport Clubs (WASKC) World Championship event at Innovative Results in Costa Mesa, California.  This was one of the biggest if not the biggest Kettlebell Sport event in the world this year.  WAKSC puts on events all around the world as part of their Grand Prix and this year chose to have their world championship event at the California Open which is put on yearly by Orange Kettlebell Club.

What Made This Event So Awesome?

As mentioned, this year's event is one of the biggest competitions in the world. There were over 300 competitors from 20 different countries! One of the coolest things about this event is the team format, so while their are individual awards, competitors came representing their different kettlebell clubs from all over the world and competed on total team scores as well. So, there was an amazing atmosphere of individual and team competition. 

Records Broken

 There were a number of North American and World Records set at the event! Some big time numbers put up in all lifts.  If you have never attended a Kettlebell Sport event we highly recommend looking for one in your area, these competitors are INCREDIBLE.  You can see video below of some of the rep counts, but men and women alike were putting up big numbers with serious weight. 


One of the really unique things about this competition is the awards that were given out. There were awesome medals and trophies given out to the competitors for their individual performances as well. Additionally, Kettlebell Kings sponsored the event by providing all kettlebells used at the event as well as gift certificates to For individual winners of their events we provided gift certificates of $250, $125 and $75 for first second and third prizes. Additionally, for the men's, women's and team overall winners we provided gift certificates for $500!  

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Steve Cotter Demonstrates Unlimited Kettlebell Press Variations

Posted by Kettlebell Kings on Feb 13, 2017 8:54:26 PM

We are really excited to announce the beginning of our partnership with Steve Cotter & IKFF!

Kettlebell Kings and Steve Cotter are now working together to provide amazing content designed to help you get maximal use out of your kettlebell.  Steve Cotter is a dynamic force in the world of fitness, sports conditioning, and mind-body practice. A global pioneer in Kettlebell training education, Steve has personally instructed thousands of fitness professionals around the world through his International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation (IKFF), which he founded in 2008.  Also, our personal favorite, Steve is on the Men's Health Magazine 'The 100 Fittest Men of All Time' list. When we started our business in 2012, we obviously were well aware of Steve and we could not be more happy to be working with him and providing him another outlet for teaching the greatness of kettlebell to the world. You can read and watch more kettlebell content by Steve Cotter through the links at the bottom of this article. 

In our first piece together, Steve will be breaking down The Kettlebell Press. The fascinating thing which Steve will demonstrate in the video below is that even using the same weighted kettlebell you can do quite a number of press variations which will increase the difficulty of the press. So, you do not need to always increase your weight, by practicing some of these you can continue to get a great workout with one kettlebell. But by all means, buy more Kettlebell Kings!






Steve discusses the concept of 'progressive overload', once your body is used to certain stress you have to increase the difficulty to continue to progress. You can do this by adding weight, reps or increase speed. With kettlebells because of the unique design there are other ways to progressively overload by changing the exercise. Any movement can be made more difficult by how you hold the kettlebell. All of these movements are performed with the same weight kettlebell.

1 ) Military Press or Strict Press ( at 1:50)

Bring the bell to your chest, feet together. Press the bell upward. In this method you are strictly pressing the bell without any momentum from the rest of your body.

2 ) The Push Press (at 2:15)

With your feet shoulder with apart, load the legs by dipping like a squat and extending the legs while you press in order to give yourself some momentum pressing the bell upward with the legs. 

3 ) The Jerk or The Jerk Press (at 2:35)

Load the legs like in the Push Press, but do an under squat and drop under the bell while pressing before standing completely up. This creates momentum with the legs and you actually get under the bell while pressing it in order to make it easier.




4 ) The Side Press at (at 2:51)

If you are finding the kettlebell to heavy for one of the strict presses, you can utilize the side press.  Lever using your hips by pushing your hip under the bell (demonstrated) and push your body away while pressing and then straighten up under the bell after pressing.

5 ) The Bent Press ( at 3:25)

Angle your feet about 45 degrees from straight forward, turn and open your hips so that your lat muscle serves as a 'shelf' for your elbow.  As you push against the kettlebell you are actually pushing your body away, coming under the bell before standing up. 

All of these demonstrations are designed to make pressing weight easier. Read more below to find ways to make the press more difficult!


Did you know we create weekly kettlebell workouts? We have a free email list you can sign up for you receive a new kettlebell workout in your inbox every week. The workouts incorportate movements just like these ande are designed to break up the monotony of working out while increasing strength and endurance. 

Sign Up For Weekly Kettlebell Workouts

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The Best Kettlebell Workouts For Runners

Posted by Kettlebell Kings on Feb 6, 2017 9:56:28 PM

BBrittany van Schravendijk:

Kettlebell training is an effective, appropriate, and time-efficient way for runners to prevent injury and improve performance. Running causes a lot of impact on the body each time the foot strikes the ground, and long-distance running especially can wear down the muscles and joints over hundreds of miles. Strength training can help prepare the body to resist typical overuse injuries from running, which are often the result of tight and/or weak hip, gluteal, and core muscles. Even if injury is not a concern, strength training can lead to increased speed and power, as well as increased muscular endurance. Kettlebell training specifically targets the hamstrings, glutes, back, and core all at once - areas that are notorious for causing injury in runners if they are not strengthened. Sounds like kettlebells and runners were made for each other, am I right?

Below we will go over some of the best kettlebell exercises for runners. The images show the movement and the text will highlight the important parts of the movement.  For some of the movements you can click on the name to watch a full demonstration. Lastly, we have created workouts that put it all together in order to give you some kettlebell training ideas for running. 

Single Leg Deadlift - targets hamstrings and glutes and enhances unilateral stability.

    1. Start in a standing position with a kettlebell in one hand.
    2. Reach the kettlebell for the floor by hinging at your hips and lifting the leg on the same side that you are holding the kettlebell. Keep the muscles of the lifted leg engaged by squeezing the quad and flexing your foot.
    3. Ensure back is flat, standing knee is slightly bent, and hips drive back to engage the standing leg’s hamstring and glute.
    4. After you tap the kettlebell to the floor (or however far down you can go maintaining a flat back), rise back up to standing position with control.


Goblet Squat - targets hamstrings, glutes, quads, arms, and core.

    1. Place hands on either side of the kettlebell handle and hold the kettlebell in front of the chest.
    2. Push hips back with the chest up to come into the squat position; elbows should lightly tap the inside of the knees.
    3. Drive through the heels and squeeze butt muscles to return back to a standing position.







Swing - targets hamstrings, glutes, back, and core. 

    1. Start with the kettlebell about a foot in front of you and feet hip width apart.
    2. Reach forward to grab the kettlebell handle with both hands, keeping back flat and hips up.
    3. Pull the kettlebell back between the legs, maintaining hip hinge and chest up.
    4. Rapidly extend hips by squeezing butt muscles, which will cause the hips to push the arms, and thus the kettlebell, up to chest level. Keep full body tension and an active core with a sharp exhale as you extend the hips.



Side Lunge - targets hamstrings, glutes, quads, and core.

    1. Hold a kettlebell in front of you with both hands on the handle.
    2. Step sideways and bend the leg that steps out while keeping the opposite leg straight. Keep your chest up and shoulders back. Think of this movement as a squat on one leg, while stretching the other leg out straight.
    3. Drive into the bent leg to propel yourself back to the starting position.




Read on to see Kettlebell Workouts in which we put it all together for you and give you full workouts to train with on a weekly basis!


Row - targets back, arms, and core.

    1. Start in a lunge stance with one leg back and the same side arm grasping a kettlebell.
    2. Retract the shoulder blade and pull the kettlebell up until elbow just passes the body. Keep the elbow tight to your side throughout the movement.
    3. Release the kettlebell back down, releasing the shoulder blade at the bottom.

Get Workouts Here:

kettlebell workouts


Press - targets back, shoulders, and core.

    1. Start with kettlebell in the rack position.
    2. Press the kettlebell overhead, keeping elbow in line with the shoulder the entire way up. Use an exhale to create tension and engage abdominal muscles through the challenging portion of the lift.
    3. Bring the kettlebell back to rack position.




Turkish Sit Up to Side Plank- targets back, shoulders, arms, glutes, and core. 

    1. Start on your back with one leg straight and one leg bent, with the foot of the bent leg flat on the floor. Legs should be about 45 degrees apart. The arm on the side of the bent leg holds a kettlebell up over the shoulder, the other arm is 45 degrees out from the body with palm facing down.
    2. Roll onto the elbow of the arm on the floor, keeping the kettlebell stabilized over the shoulder.
    3. Push up onto the hand, again moving the kettlebell up slightly to stay over the shoulder. Lift hips up as high as possible, pressing the foot of the bent leg firmly into the floor (keep the other leg straight).
    4. Release hips back down to the floor. Slowly come down to the elbow, then all the way back down to the floor. Use the arm and the core for a controlled descent.

Read on to see Kettlebell Workouts in which we put it all together for you and give you full workouts to train with on a weekly basis!

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Kettlebells For Aesthetics Training Program

Posted by Kettlebell Kings on Jan 22, 2017 2:15:28 PM

Most people associate kettlebells with strength and functional training, but what make the kettlebell one of the most diverse pieces of fitness equipment in the world is that you can use it for almost any kind physical training. You can do an entire aesthetic routine with just kettlebells! Kettlebell Kings has collaborated with Mind Pump Media to create a  program which is expertly designed to utilize kettlebells for the purpose of building and shaping your body for aesthetic training. 

The program is called Kettlebells 4 Aesthetics (KB4A) and is designed to target your muscles and stimulate muscle growth in a different way than your normal training. This makes the KB4A program a perfect addition and supplement to more traditional, hypertrophy based programs.   The main advantage of training with kettlebells for bodybuilding is in the range of motion kettlebells allow for compared to barbells, dumbbells, cables and machines. 
This program is FREE, you will receive an email each day with your workout!

KB4A is a free 4-6 week training program which you can follow along with and focus on or mix in every now and then with your normal training to improve your results. Whether you follow the highly effective MAPS training protocols or not (read more through link), or add KB4A in the mix every now you will see your body improve.

View examples of sample workouts below! 


kettlebell workouts

How Does It Work?  This program is FREE, you will receive an email each day with your workout!

Included in the free training is detailed video demonstrations and instructions by the experts at Mind Pump about how to complete each lift. Additionally, you have access to the creators of the program, their experience and advice through their site at as well as a wealth of additional aesthetic training programs they have crafted!

Included in the program is a downloadable program overview you will receive upon sign up which explains the program, lists the workouts as well as a workout log to track your progress through out the training. 

Which Muscles Will You Build?

  • chest
  • shoulders
  • back
  • legs
  • arms


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Swing A King For Free: December 2016

Posted by Kettlebell Kings on Jan 21, 2017 1:40:39 PM

In December we ran a promotion through in which all purchases were automatically entered to win a kettlebell of their choice from our site.  Below is the video in which you can see the selection process. We used a random generator from, which we have used in previous contests to put all the entries in and then generate a random winner. 

The Good News

We are going to do it again! This was a great experience the first time we did it so for the next few months we are going to run the same contest every month. Meaning, all purchases in January will be automatically entered to win a kettlebell of your choice from! 

Tell your friends, tell your family! You can split the cost of kettlebells and hope you win won for each of you!

Shop Now!

Without further adieu, the winner of the December 2016 contest is.....

  • entry 'Erin-163'

If you think this is you, be on the lookout, we will be emailing the email address which you used when you purchased from


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New Kettlebell Workout

Posted by Kettlebell Kings on Dec 31, 2016 12:08:34 PM

Kettlebell Kings creates high intensity kettlebell workouts designed to build strength and endurance. We believe having a new challenge each week helps break up the monotony of working out and gives you something to work towards.  We have a free workout list with over ten thousands subscribers you can subscribe to which automatically sends you a new, challenging workout each week. Below is one of our latest workouts as well as video demonstrations breaking down the movements in the workout:


Kettlebell Sots Press


Kettlebell Bridge Press 


We create weekly kettlebell workouts you can subscribe to in your email inbox each week! These workouts are designed to keep your workouts new, challenging and exciting each week.



kettlebell workouts

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