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Kettlebell Get Ups For Grapplers

Posted by Kettlebell Kings on Sep 17, 2017 3:27:58 PM

We have published a number of articles with Joey Alvarado of Legacy BJJ and are excited to have him contribute this specifically for our Grappling blog. You can read Joey's previous posts starting with Part 1 here. Joey is one of the original people we collaborated with on kettlebell complexes and kettlebell flows. Joey was one of the first in the grappling community to discover the power of the kettlebell and how it can help with his matches.  He quickly adapted the kettlebell and applied it to some of the common movements he needed in his fights. 















By Joey Alvarado:

Years before I even trained with kettlebells I heard many people professing how good they were for martial arts, but never quite heard any one explaining exactly why they are good for combat sports. 

Flash forward to the first time I was taught the Turkish Get Up! First thing that came to my mind was, “Oh wow!” it’s almost identical to what’s called the Technical lift in BJJ! The only difference is, with the technical lift, on the get up part, instead of putting the knee on the ground, we bypass that and stand straight to our feet. 

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The Technical Lift (aka: standing up in base or the technical stand up) is a mandatory movement that any Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Practitioner or MMA fighter should master.  It is the proper way to stand up when someone knocks you down in a street fight or MMA fight.  Also, it has a ton of direct applications in BJJ sweeps and transitions. 

Watch the demonstration of this lift below and read more about the applications and beenfits of the kettlebell get up!

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