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Steve Cotter Part 1: Improving Posture To Improve Grappling

Posted by Kettlebell Kings on Jul 11, 2017 9:56:42 PM

Steve Cotter is a dynamic force in the world of fitness, sports conditioning, and mind-body practice. A global pioneer in Kettlebell training education, Steve has personally instructed thousands of fitness professionals around the world through his International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation(IKFF), which he founded in 2008. Steve trains world class jiu jitsu competitors like Xande Ribiero in kettlebell and we are really excited to have him with us to bring you his series on kettlebell workouts for grapplers.  Also, our personal favorite, Steve is on the Men's Health Magazine 100 Fittest Men of All Time. 

In the first post with Steve he demonstrates some important basics to improve flexibility, range of motion and mobility which are important for grappling as well as moving onto important kettlebell movements. Steve will start with the basics and by the end of the series move to more advance movements all designed to help your grappling training. 

Posture and range of motion

Posture and range of motion are important for grappling and Steve demonstrates how to improve by first working on a full squat which will be the basis of a lot of movement (demonstrated below).  Developing this range of motion, body control and core strength will help you have a solid base so that you do not come off your center of gravity easily during a match and lose control of yourself and the match (demonstrated 7:20). By being able to control your body better, you can control the match better.

  • hips down
  • feet flat on ground
  • upright position

The goal of this exercise is to improve mobility to be able to move around in this position easily from one position to another for fighting. Steve recommends utilziing a stick or light resistance band to work on this (demonstrated below).

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Anyone who tries this will eventually get stuck at some point and the goal is to keep working at it to work through it to improve your posture, control and range of motion. 

We recommend watching this video a few times or different sections a few times before moving on. You will pick up on important pieces as you start to understand the goal of the movement better. If you think of this in terms of a progression which is designed to be harder each time, it helps you understand that by mastering each progession you gain more control over your body and posture which in turn gives you more control on the mat!

watch the full video below and read more for the complete breakdown! 

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