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Hardstyle 101: The Press

Posted by Kettlebell Kings on Aug 27, 2017 6:14:25 PM

In our first Hardstyle 101 post with Zack Henderson he broke down the Kettlebell Snatch. If this is your first time reading in the Hardstyle 101 series, we recommend you start there as Zack covers a couple of introduction items other than just the execise itself. In this post, Zack breaks down The Press.

Zack has previously shown us how applying kettlebell movements can help improve your power lifting numbers.  We love working with Zack because of his knowledge and understanding of not only kettlebells movements but how they can be applied to different aspects of working out as well as being able to thoroughly explain them. 

by Zack Henderson: 

The Press

The one-arm military press is one of the best places to practice the subtleties of tension techniques and experience the immediate difference in performance.

Once in the racked position, the goal of tension is to provide a stable “platform” for the press and keep the shoulder in a safe position.

Here, the aforementioned “active static” idea is applied practically through the entire body.  The toes grip the ground with the intention of “burning a hole in the floor” in order to promote a sense of rootedness.  The quads, glutes, and abs, aka “The Holy Trinity of Strength,” are contracted to keep the pelvis and low back locked.

But why involve the entire body to such a degree when the military press is a simple shoulder exercise?

Because this is the groundwork for learning how to channel your strength.

Such an approach runs in close parallel to many philosophies in powerlifting training.  Working high tension techniques with submaximal weights better prepares one for handling heavier loads.  When you treat your warm-ups like max attempts, that new PR will feel like home.

Once the skills are learned, you can begin to dial in the “sweet spot” - the amount of tension needed to lift the weight without going overboard and slowing yourself down.

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