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Hardstyle 101: The Snatch

Posted by Kettlebell Kings on Aug 27, 2017 5:24:39 PM

We are excited to have Zack Henderson break down some more kettlebell movements for us. Zack has previously shown us how applying kettlebell movements can help improve your power lifting numbers.  We love working with Zack because of his knowledge and understanding of not only kettlebells movements but how they can be applied to different aspects of working out as well as being able to thoroughly explain them. In this post, Zack breaks down the hardstyle snatch and our quick follow up he will break down The Press next. 

by Zack Henderson: 

I support the swinging, cleaning, jerking, snatching and lifting of the mighty kettlebell in all its forms.  The human body is capable of expressing strength and movement in infinite ways.  Any resistance we use, kettlebell or otherwise, is just a way to explore and develop those capabilities.

There is no “wrong” way to exercise.  If it hurts or otherwise damages your health, that’s abuse, not exercise.  Unfortunately, we live in a world where many people construct artificial divides and argue nuance just to promote their own cause.  Judgement from a high horse is little more than a sign of insecurity or ignorance. 

Before we dive in, understand that I am in not writing as a representative of any training organization.  Rather, I’m sharing my own perspective on a style that I’ve found valuable in my own fitness pursuits and my approach to training others.

I will spare you the history lesson and get right down to the meat and potatoes of what hardstyle means in the context of kettlebell training.

The ballistics are treated with high acceleration and the grinds are treated with tension.  At all other times, your priority to to stay as loose and fresh as possible.

The rest is simply how these ideas can be scaled to different goals and skill levels. 

Let us take a look at how hardstyle principles are applied in action.

 Read and watch the full breakdown below!

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