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Build Power With The Kettlebell Spiked Swing

Posted by Kettlebell Kings on Jan 10, 2018 9:20:54 PM

John Odden of Empowered Strength breaks down part of his power training series by explaining and demonstrating a kettlebell spiked swing in this post. The beauty of the Spiked Swing is that it helps you generate more power because of downward pressure on the bell. Normally when trying to build your power you need to use a heavy kettlebell you can swing 4-5 times. The Spiked Swing allows you to use a lighter weight because downward pressure and momentum on the bell makes it act like a heavier weight for you. 

Getting started:

  • try being barefoot or minimalist shoe
  • be as powerful as possible while being safe
  • have a solid understanding of kettlebell movements & foundations
  • work with a partner who is versed in kettlebell movement as well

Do not attempt this movement unless you have built a solid foundation of kettlebell movements and  know how to perform a proper kettlebell swing as well as having a healthy lower back. Your partner will apply the appropriate tension you need on the swing.

Set up to perform a kettlebell swing with your partner standing in a position to apply downward pressure on the kettlebell when it reaches the top of your swing ( demo at 1:20)

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