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Build The Kettlebooty: Part 1

Posted by Kettlebell Kings on Jun 28, 2017 12:44:54 PM

Kettlebells are incredibly versatile as workout tools. Kettlebells have been most closely associated with functional fitness and full body workouts, but when used properly you can isolate particular muscle groups and effectively focus on building them. Even some of the best full body kettlebell movements have great benefits for particular muscle groups.  Brittany van Schravendijk, who is one of the top competitive kettlebell athletes in the world, down these movements for us!

We have covered some of this in our Kettlebells For Aesthetic training series to focus on building the chest, legs, back and shoulders but in this series we will be focusing on the Gluteus Maximus. There are a number of kettlebell movements that will help you focus on building the Gluteus Maximus, which is one of the largest muscles in the body and one of the main reasons humans can stand compared to other primates. This series will cover 7 different exercises designed to help you build the perfect Kettlebooty!

We will take you through two movements to master in each post and then it all comes together in the end with a full kettlebell workout that utilizes the different movements!

 These movements are designed to:

  • focus on the Gluteus Maximus AKA Kettlebooty
  • improve your core and hip strength
  • can be used with other kettlebell movement to create a full body workout

By Brittany Van Schravendijk:

I want to preface this by saying I love what fitness influencers have done on social media - motivating millions of people to get active and start working out - and I fully support people showcasing their bodies online if they so desire. However, I do think that the majority of the population tends to set unrealistic expectations about their own bodies based on the influx of pictures showcasing fitness models with perfect bodies, including bodacious booties they claim to have built by working out.

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First of all, if someone has a giant butt AND a thigh gap, they are probably sporting some implants. If someone trains naturally to build a large gluteus maximus, the odds are they will have some awesomely strong quads and hamstrings to boot (read: little to no thigh gap). Genetics play a role as well - you cannot follow a workout program posted by someone who was born with an amazing ass and expect to look like that person when you finish. While there is nothing wrong with wanting a nice looking kettlebooty (that’s the point of this article!), I want to remind you that growing your glutes will take time and work, and your butt is still going to look like YOUR butt, not someone else’s! Building a kettlebooty requires serious discipline and commitment, like building muscle in any other area of your body. Following a basic bodyweight workout plan or running 5 days a week is not likely to get you there - but weightlifting with progressive overload will.

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Nutrition plays a role too! You have to eat more to gain muscle, and you have to eat healthily to avoid excess body fat. Aesthetics may be your biggest motivator for working out initially, but at some point you will realize that how you feel about how you look is affected more by what you change on the inside than what you change on the outside. In my experience, most people are more motivated by being able to do something empowering with their muscles than by simply looking good in the mirror. And trust me, being able to lift heavy things is one of the biggest empowerment exercises there is - physically and mentally!

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