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Kettlebell Shoulder Super Set

Posted by Kettlebell Kings on Nov 23, 2016 2:30:57 PM

Part Two in our collaboration with the team at Mind Pump Media is all about building the shoulders for aesthetic training.  In the first post, we covered leg building exercises but in part two we will focus on the shoulders to show you some kettlebell exercises and movements designed to build your physique and muscle mass with kettlebells. Our goal is always to create helpful, informative and safe content for you to explore the world of kettlebells and we think using kettlebells for building muscle mass is an untapped area in our world and theirs. Let us get to it!

You thought kettlebells were only for functional training? They are phenomenal for body building and aesthetic training.  You can get some incredible results with kettlebells added to your routine. When training for aesthetics you want to maximize the pump and focus on particular muscles, which you can with kettlebells, even more so than you can with dumbells and barbells.  Mind Pump is going to show you a muscle building, pump inducing combo with a super set of front presses and close grip upright rows. 

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Building Shoulders with Kettlebells

The guys at Mind Pump actually prefer using kettlebells for muscle building and bodybuilding shoulder presses in place of the traditional dumbbell shoulder press. Why? Kettlebells allow for a more natural movement because of the way the shoulder wants to move and rotate as you press. Kettlebells also create a good, deep range of movement for the delt.  Below is a unique super set that you can do for your shoulders with kettlebells, but not as well with dumbbells. 

Front Kettlebell Shoulder Press

  • Using two kettlebells, start by picking up the kettlebells like a deadlift, using your hips and getting into the rack position  (demonstrated below)
  • Kettlebells rest on arms, arms are tight into the body. DO NOT let your elbows flare out. The weight should be supported by your body 
  • Push the kettlebells upward in a nice, spiral line pattern while you press to full extension
  • Do not let your wrist break at the top, keep your wrist straight at the top of the extension overhead
  • Hands overhead should be aligned with ears, shoulders and hips
  • Aim for 10-15 reps and immediately switch to the close grip upright row
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