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Scott Sonnon's 3 TACFIT Secrets to Fix Your Press

Posted by Kettlebell Kings on Jun 13, 2017 10:19:30 PM

Kettlebell Kings is very excited to announce we will be collaborating on world class content for you with Scott Sonnon of TacFit. Very soon we will have some full length demonstrations using Scott's world famous programming with our kettlebells, Scott was one of the very first to introduce the kettlebell in the United States. 

We first wanted to share this great short clip with you! 

Scott Sonnon's 3 TACFIT Secrets to Fix Your Press:

  1. Prime the mobility of the shoulders and hips and stability of the scaps and lower back with my Angled Bridge. (Pull and reset the shoulders together on each new bridge)
  2. Activate the contralateral platform for the unilateral lift by internal knee squeeze and opposite fist clench (Drive the elbow into the ground).

Read #3 and watch the demonstration Below!

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